SELF MAGAZINE Shame On You- Making Fun Of Marathon Runner’s Outfit! The Runner is Fighting Brain Cancer Monika Allen


 BY Carol Kuruvilla Derek Burke/Courtesty Glam Runners Monika Allen (right), cancer survivor and co-founder of Glam Runners, ran the L.A. Marathon wearing a Wonder Woman costume. She was upset to learn that ‘Self’ magazine used her photo to make fun of the fitness trend of wearing tutus.

The Monuments Men and The Citadel

Taking On A Cause:

I loved the movie!

Originally posted on Dorie Griggs:


The Fine Arts department at The Citadel is sponsoring an amazing event April 3 at the McAlister Field House. Robert Edsel, author of Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, will be the guest speaker and sign copies of his book . The event is free to the public.

For those interested in supporting the Fine Arts department at The Citadel there is a VIP Cocktail Reception and Private Book Signing prior to the free public lecture and Q&A event. The VIP ticket price is $125 and includes a copy of the book. Parents of cadets who cannot attend can purchase a ticket and arrange to have the signed book delivered to your cadets MSC box on campus if your cadet cannot attend. Email Professor Tiffany Silverman with your cadet’s name, company and their box number. Her email address is: silvermant(at)

This event is one of the approved Fine…

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Renee Langlais, Marine, Who Fought For America, She NEEDS OUR HELP NOW!


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This is in response to the April 4 letter “Pure propaganda” by former Army Staff Sgt. James Hood, who questioned the toughness of Marine recruit training. The Marine Corps doesn’t let just anyone in, which is why if you don’t qualify, or the recruiters think you can’t hack it, they send you down the hallway to the Army recruiters.

Drill instructors mold slimy civilians into Marines. The Marines are elite. In his letter, Hood compared the Marine Corps in general with the Army Airborne or Rangers, which is the elite of the Army. If you are going to compare those, then you should try comparing Marine special operations teams to Army Special Forces.

Marines earn their titles during boot camp. As Hood stated, soldiers don’t earn their title until much later. Only a Marine would understand this, and since Hood is not a Marine, his opinion is null and void.

Sgt. Renee Langlais MacDill, Air Force Base, FL.

Renee is a Marine thru and thru. She needs our help now! This is  Renee’s plea! Please read and donate to our hero who now has challenges and ask for our help!

Help Marine Renee Langlais

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Renee Langlais

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If you take the time to read through my story, then thank you!  Over the past year and a half my life has gone downhill. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Major Depressive disorder, alcoh… more



Updated posted by Renee Langlais 11 hours ago

Thank you guys for the help,…

Thank you guys for the help, its really a life saver!

Updated posted by Renee Langlais 8 days ago

My therapy……

My therapy…

My therapy….

Updated posted by Renee Langlais 8 days ago

Thanks for the support thus far…….

Thanks for the support thus far….

Created by Renee Langlais on December 31, 2013


If you take the time to read through my story, then thank you!
Over the past year and a half my life has gone downhill. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Major Depressive disorder, alcohol abuse disorder, narcolepsy, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, irritable bowel syndrome and laryngopharangeal reflux. I am also finally being screened for TBI.  I am only 29.
I have been forced to work in a hostile work environment from where I received harassment from my leadership. I was written up on false charges by a MSgt that doesn’t like me because I am a female Marine. I was harassed and threatened daily with dishonorable discharges. I’ve been told that I was a horrible Marine and I would be made fun of for my memory problems. I have had my command question my mental health/medical diagnosis  and been subjected to three extensive personality tests to determine if I was malingering or had a personality disorder.
I was lauded by generals, civilians and everyone I worked with. I don’t think you would find any service member who didn’t think I was a highly motivated Marine and would follow me anywhere. I was always at the top of the list.
With the increase of PTSD and suicides among troops and veterans, you would think the political pressure would cause military commanders to stop treating their troops like garbage. The fact is, its nothing but political smoke. Just a smoke screen to make it look like the military cares but when commanders are allowed to railroad their troops with no repercussions, simply due to the “good ole boy network” is a disgrace. Commanders that harass their troops and make their mental health and medical situations incredibly worse is a significant cause and directly relates to the alarming increase of suicide among military members and veterans. Troops are being discharged and disciplined due to symptoms directly related to mental health issues. This can result in loss of rank, pay and a dishonorable discharge which gives you absolutely no benefits.  When it rains, it pours but its a monsoon in my life.
The reality is that I am in desperate need of a helping hand due to financial stress that just adds one more thing to my already overcrowded plate. We are hoping all of you can help with whatever support you can offer. Please consider your donation a gift,this is not designated a 501 (c)3.  I will be forever grateful. Thank you



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There is no open doors right now

posted by Renee Langlais 5 days ago


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patricia frank

5 hours ago

After the choice of sacrafice you have already made… it’s the least we can do to support your recovery. Be well.



7 hours ago


Sharon Hofer

11 hours ago

Good luck. I am a supporter of Marley’s Mutts and I adopted one of their dogs. Also, my husband was in the USAF 20 years, so I understand what you mean.


Melissa Iommelli

1 day ago

Hang in there, Renee. You’re a strong person, even if at times you don’t feel it. Don’t let others bring you down!


Mike Wilson

2 days ago

Thank Sam Sauline. And I thank YOU!


Samantha (Cheske) Sauline

2 days ago

Praying for you! Thank you for your services to our country


Tracy G

4 days ago

Love you friend!


Kim Shaw

9 days ago


Nick Ladue

10 days ago



10 days ago

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D-Day Location: Ranville War Cemetery

Taking On A Cause:

I always thought I knew about D-Day> the sacrifices made right before Christmas by our brave Anericans, but I learn more all the time.

Originally posted on D-Day 70: 1944-2014:

Ranville War Cemetery is a war cemetery maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on the battlefield where 6th (Airborne) Division fought in June-August 1944. The cemetery was started on D-Day and is dominated by burials from Airborne troops who fell in the first few days of the Normandy campaign.

The cemetery contains 2,235 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 97 of them unidentified. There are also 330 German graves and a few burials of other nationalities, including men from non-Commonwealth Commando units.

6th (Airborne) Division Memorial, Ranville

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Blind Dog Lilly and her partner Madison : Tale of Happiness and Sadness

Originally posted on PROPEL STEPS:

The Happy Days at the Pet Adoption Center


When the Great Dane Lily lost her sight, her future seemed equally dark and bleak. However, no one would have expected that her partner Madison would quickly took on the task of “Guide Dog for a Blind Dog.” As long as Madison was by her side, Lily looks like any other normal dog. 

Lily turned 6 on 2011, Due to un-repairable damages from Trichiasis during her cub years, she has had to continue living relying on others for guidance, and this was when 7 years old Madison became her assistant. 


Manager at the adoption center, Louise Campbell commented, “Even though Madison has never had official training, when she guides Lily, it’s as if she’s a professional guide dog for the blind. Madison will always stay close to Lily and constantly have body contact with her so she knows where to go.” Campbell…

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I Love a Marine With A Toy-Toys For Tots-Please Drop Off a Unwrapped Toy at Post Office or Many Retail Store Locations

Taking On A Cause:


Originally posted on Taking On A Cause by Patsy McCaw-Yager,Englewood, Fl.:

My Pappa a Marine taught us to be generous

A Picture To Make Me Happy

I love a Marine with a toy for a child without one! Please help “The Marines” collect toys for tots that will stay in the community where the toy was donate-Also please remember to adopt not shop this season!

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